Address: 330 West 38th Street, Suite 804, New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212.595.0999


What is Starlight? You might say that Starlight Orchestras, Inc. is the highest possibility of what live music can be, when geared for a private event. It is not a concert or a show, yet the presentation is the same caliber as headline entertainment. We are music designers, that infuse every aspect of an event with “mood modulating” music. Starlight is a live music production company for clients who feel that music is the most important thing! Our talent is not just in the bands, but in the team that creates the blueprint for what our ensembles will do!

Whether we custom-craft the music (see our “Couture” performances), or draw upon our vast roster of talent and ideas (see our “Ready to Wear” line), Starlight sits in a class by itself, in a niche of ultra-luxe music design. The defining elements of Starlight are constant throughout all of our performances: our style, sound and feel. Yet the outstanding factor is our expertise in working with the energy of an event. Reading the pulse of the crowd, we spontaneously create an experience that transforms and uplifts, and that guests will never forget.